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This is the #BratzChallenge

February 02
This is the #BratzChallenge

The internet loves a challenge, so here's another one you can sink your teeth into. All over the world, people have been attempting to paint their faces to look like Barbie’s bratty cousins. If you grew up in the 90’s/ 2000s, you'll know that Bratz Dolls were iconic. They had big lips, huge eyes and enough eyeshadow to put a beauty YouTuber to shame. I was never a Barbie girl, per se. The pink pandemonium seemed to pass me by. However, I was very much on the Bratz wave.


Bratz Doll Challenge Chick Cosmetics


If Instagram existed in 2001, photos of Bratz dolls would have filled our Explore feeds. They had street style that was always on-trend, experimented with bold shades of eye shadow, and wore the most attention-grabbing, high-shine lip gloss.

Bratz Doll Challenge Chick CosmeticsChick Cosmetics Bratz Doll Challenge

Chick Cosmetics Bratz Doll Challenge Nightwind Palette

Anyway, Bratz are making a comeback in the form of Insta makeup, with MUAs and enthusiasts alike turning to their ol’ dolls for makeup inspo and interpreting their looks.

This is the #BratzChallenge.


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Why Are People Baking Their Face?
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