We’ve all been there… over worked, stressed and lacking any motivation for a selfcare pamper session. And guaranteed, we’re all experiencing some sort of breakout since South Africa is under siege by a mass virus, and not to mention, winter is at our doorstep leaving our skins longing for summer.  
July 22
The internet loves a challenge, so here's another one you can sink your teeth into. All over the world, people have been attempting to paint their faces to look like Barbie’s bratty cousins. If you grew up in the 90’s/ 2000s, you'll know that Bratz Dolls were iconic. They had...
February 02
 If you thought “baking“ or “cooking“ is just for the kitchen, think again. I can’t think of a worse situation than being in public sweating and your makeup’s literally drips off your face.  The term "baking" isn't anything new, in fact drag queens have been using this method forever because under...
January 27
The red lipstick has been an iconic beauty staple since Ancient Egyptians were using precious stones to Queen Elizabeth I to Marilyn Monroe. Women (and, on occasions, men) have worn the crimson lip shade since make-up began, so why is it so hard to find that perfect red?!    ...
January 14

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