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Hello Woke Eyes! ✨ | Baggage Claim Review

July 22
Hello Woke Eyes! ✨ | Baggage Claim Review

by Madison Schidlowski

Have you ever just stopped what you’re doing and pulled out that trusty compact mirror, only to see that your under eye area seems lifeless, dull and dried out like the Kalahari Woestyn? 

We’ve all been there… over worked, stressed and lacking any motivation for a selfcare pamper session. And guaranteed, we’re all experiencing some sort of breakout since South Africa is under siege by a mass virus, and not to mention, winter is at our doorstep leaving our skins longing for summer.  

But fear not! Your precious eyes are in safe hands with the Chick Cosmetics Baggage Claim Eye Patch.



Enriched with intensely hydrating minerals, these eye patches are the cure for dry skin problems no girl needs! Within just 20 minutes, your eyes will not only appear refreshed and seemingly much brighter, but it will feel smooth to the touch and revitalised, ready for a death stare showdown of the century! 

I personally have super dry eyes, especially in winter! Which means my eyes are always leaking, like a tap dripping… having this much unwanted teardrops causes redness and the outer corners of my eyes to dry up. Obviously with a full face of makeup, this is NOT a pretty site! 

After having tried numerous ‘boere raad’ remedies, nothing helped except for people offering me endless tissues because they thought I was crying. I was nearing the end of eternal hopelessness, until I found the eye cure. 

Infused with hyaluronic acid and niacinamide, this double combo of much needed goodness is perfect for all skin types, from oily, to dry or sensitive. The niacinamide, a form of Vitamin B, also treats acne prone skin, so in other words; the heavenly serum found oozing in the packets should not be discarded like a used tissue! These eye patches are especially a dream to depuff and leave a cooling sensation when left in the fridge for a good few hours. 

Look, I’m no doctor or eye genie, but this legit cured my flakey redness and also significantly reduced my teary puffy eyes! I left these overnight in the fridge and also had them on my eyes for much, much longer than 20 minutes, mainly because I was dragged into the tunnel of TikTok (we all know the feels). I had no burning sensation, no itchiness and definitely no redness which always happens from using other drugstore eye products. On the contrary, I felt swept away to a cooling wonderland that cured my problems! 

Chick Cosmetics Hyaluronic Acid Niacinamide Eye Patches Superhero Spray

They’re inexpensive, available online and provide the TLC your eyes desperately need! 

Grab yourself a box of these luxurious and fun filled star eye patches and share them with the fam for an at-home spa session. 

How to use your eye patches: 

- Gently press onto the under-eye area

- Leave on for 15 to 20 minutes

- Softly massage the remaining serum into the skin

- For an extra cooling boost, store in the fridge before applying


Shop Baggage Claim here ✨

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This is the #BratzChallenge
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