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May 22
Meet Chick Cosmetics Chick Blog

Hi Loves,

It’s M.C. and I’m sorry. I know I promised to keep in touch with you and I know I said we will be open in a  few weeks after our last email. I take the blame. I have been chasing after perfection but in the words of my favorite scientist Stephen Hawking, ”One of the basic rules of the universe is that nothing is perfect. Perfection simply doesn't exist.....Without imperfection, neither you nor I would exist”. Brené Brown also said “Imperfections are not inadequacies; they are reminders that we're all in this together.”


After weeks of traveling back and forth to meet with our manufacturers .  I am glad that this dream is finally becoming a reality.  Our suppliers have been a great support system throughout this journey, we learned a lot about  the manufacturing  process  from selection, testing and packaging.
We have had sleepless nights and anxiety for weeks never mind the traveling to meet with our manufactures but it is something that had to be done. We wanted to learn and see the actual process and be at peace knowing what ingredients are used in our products, from inception to its final stage. And since CHICK.cosmetics products are inspired by YOU, our loyal followers, it’s only right that you get to experience what you helped create. 


Why Private Labeling? Prices for private brands are usually set cheaper than competing name brands. In other words: These clearly are not just plays to win on price. Private label products  are exclusively manufactured for a retailer by approved and licensed factories. They are available in a wide range of industries from food to cosmetics. For example Woolworths, Checkers n Pick N’ Pay private label everything in their household name. I mean, I love the Woolworths mascara and the new Sorbet line is just as beautiful. I can also say the Checkers malt balls is way better than the Maltesers from duty-free. You can find Baxter’s dog food, Hillview cheese and Voeu skincare products that are private label brands at great prices. Having been involved in a car accident two years ago and suffering a pelvic and jaw fracture, I have had to depend on pain killers “Myprodol” all these years due to an operation I went under to fix my jaw, But all that  changed when my pharmacist introduced  me to “Genpayne  painkillers worked exactly and looked exactly like Myprodol but was way more affordable.
Our inspiration comes from a lot of people and experiences. We are definitely inspired by big brands like Urban Decay, BH, Lime Crime, Morphe; cool brands like Glossier and Milk and also local brands like Swiitch Beauty, Dupe Factorie and Kiki Beauty.


Chick Cosmetics Mineral Foundation

So now let’s get into our products.

Skin is definitely in. Body is in. Dewy is in and glossy is also in. The skin on your face is just as important as anywhere else. Our body range includes: CHICK.body Activated Charcoal Scrub (hint hint @ our instagram post), CHICK.body Himalayan Pink Salt Scrub, CHICK.body Coconut Milk Scrub a personal fav, CHICK.body Matcha Scrub. All of these are packed with 4 or more essential oils, great for deep cleansing, exfoliating and pore minimizing. We will get to explain this from now onwards. We do have a surprise body product that comes a bit later after launch day. A total of 5 amazing .body products.

This instagram post might have given us away but yes, that pink cute packaging is our first in line of our makeup range. That’s the #MINERAL Liquid Foundation. A mineral foundation that delivers medium to full coverage with a dewy radiant finish combined with rich vitamins and antioxidants. This may be the best thing we've ever made. Or at least the greatest thing we've ever packaged. It debuts in four shades perfectly chosen to mix and match a wide range of skin tones. Honey (light), Cinnamon (medium), Truffle (dark) and Espresso (deep). We are already working on expanding the shade range to cover every person on earth.

Next is the Mystic Glow Highlighter, a single color highlighter which comes in 3 super luminous colors; Freaky Friday, Wild Child and my favorite Mean Girls. I’ll let my cheek do the talking.

Third product we are so happy to announce is the Muva Eyeshadow palettes. Consists of 2 eye shadow palettes (sold separately). Fyre: 15 warm tones, highly pigmented and easy to blend. Radiance: 15 eye catching shimmer and matte colors. Think Met Gala makeup meets the Oscars red carpet.

Oh yes, we make glitter too. The Fairy Glitter Palette our fourth products consists of 2 soft, smooth and creamy glitter eyeshadow palettes. Twinkie and Daisy, 6 colors each, just like what all the it girls on instagram use but won’t share the info when you ask them in the comments.

We definitely made this before the Royal Wedding; we needed a lip product. Makeup is not complete without lip color. The Love is Matte Lip Tint. A liquid lipstick with full matte effect. We tested and tried so many but this guy here really lasts all day. 8 terrific matte colors, what is more cooler is the shade names; from Duckie to Slick, you will definitely find Kendall and Gigi in there too.

Wing life for life. Our sixth product the CHICK.cosmetics Metallic Eyeliner.  A shimmering metallic liner available in 5 colors . They sport a pigmented formula that smudges nicely and wears well without creasing or fading on to the eyes. The texture is creamy and glides on very easily. This should definitely be in every girl’s makeup purse.

Ok this is getting long now. Two more to go and that’s 2 palettes. We did it for the glow. That Cheek Tho Highlighter palette comes in a square pan packaging  and contains 4 shimmery powder . The shimmer is soft, silky , smooth and visible while the  bronze and gold tones gives a beautiful sun kissed glow to the skin.
Lastly on the product list is the queen of them all: the Nightwind Palette. With 9 rich matte and 9 shimmering shades to experiment with, the Nightwind Eyeshadow Palette will soon become your go-to palette for every season. This palette is so versatile and can take your look from day to night. That’s it! An easy product that’s easy to use. Makeup doesn’t have to be complicated. It just has to be exactly what you want.

4 shades of foundation. 3 single highlighters. 1 highlighter palette. 3 eyeshadow palettes. 2 glitter eyeshadow palettes. 8 colors of lip tint and 5 eyeliners.  Not bad for a start up beauty brand leading digital disruption.

Of course our email community is always the first to know. We open our beautiful shopping doors on 1st June, 2018 at 8am. Nowhere but Don’t be late as we have limited stock on this exclusive drop.

Do not forget to follow us on the ‘gram @chick.cosmestics_ and on twitter @chickcosmetics. If you ever want to say hello, or share an idea, influencer, blogger or press, send us a message at, we make emails too.
We did it for you. We did it for South African beauty.

Love Always,


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