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Pantone 120 C- Why Yellow?

December 21
Pantone 120 C- Why Yellow?

When I was assigned to change the phase of the brand little did I know it was going to be this explosive. We were tired of the millennial pink aka glossier pink every brand has tried to emulate. As a fast beauty brand in the digital scene that specializes in understanding the needs of modern women who want practical skincare and makeup, constant changes are important but what was mostly important to us was finding a brand identity. Right from the day we opened our doors to the world, we have been working hard towards reaching this goal. Choosing the right color was difficult in the beginning, We just wanted the yellow version of that pink and we found it: Pantone 120C.

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For my work as CTO, I’m in charge of the digital direction as well as the backend and frontend development of every platform that we are on. Along with Chick Cosmetics’ tremendous growth over the last year has come with a lot of opportunity, excitement, but we are still a small startup so we often juggle tasks for faster productivity. Here is a look at our process, goals at Chick Cosmetics.


We loved our website, the very first one, even more because our customers loved it even more. However, our mobile conversion rate was lacking far behind other devices, and interviews of visitors navigating our mobile site revealed why: Especially new users had a hard time figuring out what we were actually selling. They were able to recognize that we’re a “beauty company”, but the product lineup was not immediately clear to them. And they weren’t opening the menu unless they absolutely had to. The new website accentuates on navigation, easy checkout and introduction of new pages such as the new Our Story, Privacy Policy and the Student Discount pages.

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The Glow Powder was the first to be developed. Listen, many times we have been called a highlighter brand and we want to embrace it; That Cheek Tho, Mystic Glow, Unicorn Shimmer Scrub and now Glow Powder. This time we just wanted something different that was not on the market yet, loose highlighters.  The packaging for the glow in the box set the tone for the rest of our products. We wanted the outer box to be 15% glossy so it’s easy to clean in case of spillage. We still had spillage incidents with our initial influencer PR run but we quickly fixed it before the glow powder was up for sale.

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Pro Sculpt Beauty Tool Kit outdid itself especially during Black Friday in which sold out in a day. We were quite nervous about how we will market the brushes especially with tons of makeup brush sets online.

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The first option was to have a creative product shoot without a model because budget. We follow a lot o good photographers on Instagram, we found Jessica Notelo through an MUAs page and we were instantly sold with the subtle looks and lightning in her beauty photography shoots. For convenience sake, she referred to us her go-to makeup artist. Now we had to come up with one thing; A MODEL. It took us a while until we found Taahira. Awkward declines from other models and overpriced agency quotes; it did not look like our booked shoot was bound to happen. Just very glad it did happen.

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Our next line of products are ready. The real question is are you ready?


 S, at Chick Cosmetics.




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