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Winter is Over. Current Brand Status

October 23
Winter is Over. Current Brand Status

Hello guys, welcome back to my Youtube channel.. wait… welcome back to the blog, The Chick Blog. Pardon the inactiveness  though I have been with you in mind, body, spirit and on Instagram ;).  I have been suffering from something commonly known as writers’ block. I have still not figured what the cure for this maybe but I’m writing, writing to you now.

 Never has 4 and a half months ever felt like 14 years. This has been the longest period in our lives ever. We are multitasking and learning everyday. Fulfillment is crazy as our waiting list has grown from 5500 in June to 20,000 people on our waiting list. Current status on brand development is to find a more assertive and broad distribution channel and to broaden & diversify our marketing for new customer acquisition. Big English you know; it’s nothing to shake your head about.

Chick Cosmetics South Africa Makeup Products Flat lay


Winter is over, those cold months were very entertaining at the office. Not sure how we got ourselves into blogger beefs and a healthy brand rivalry. Press, media invitations and trade shows were put on hold in order to allow the brand to organically grow without hype. After today, you will be seeing Chick Cosmetics a lot more, talking about our process, our journey and our magic. The reception Chick Cosmetics has received from launch day has been overwhelming and we are very thankful to you reading this right now.

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As part of our growth process, in continuation to deliver only the best products, we discontinued the Chick Cosmetics Hashtag Mineral Foundation. The foundation was a good product which was just badly marketed. We were very under budgeted when we launched which means we were not contracted to create more shades of the mineral foundation aka not all of you found a shade to match your skin tone. It hurt my heart so much to always read the emails and social media comments of the shade range. We are back in the lab working on more extensive foundation shades fully covering from 1-48. You will be the first to see and first to try them. I promise you this.

On the bright side, the Chick Cosmetics Nightwind Eyeshadow Palette unexpectedly sold out in 2 weeks. Our fastest and best selling product till date which will be making a comeback during the festive season with a sister palette, the Nightwind 2.


Chick Cosmetics Nightwind Eyeshadow Palette


That Cheek Tho Highlighter Palette, my personal favorite; the best highlighter formulae in the world will be getting a facelift in packaging because there has been very similar highlighters on the South African beauty market. #shine #everydayismybirthday 

Chick Cosmetics. Swiitch Beauty. Connie Transform


Unicorn Shimmer Scrub has absolutely been the star of the CHICK.body range and it’s just getting started. We had an oxidation problem with the Matcha scrub where it changes color which is not aesthetically pleasing and henceforth has been pulled out of the CHICK.body collection. Expect two more fruity scrub flavors in addition to cult favorites Coconut Milk Scrub and Activated Charcoal face + body

Chick Cosmetics Unicorn Shimmer Scrub


Our very first merch, the CHICK. sweater was just an idea we were playing with until it turned into a hipster beauty phenomenon, its already in production for the next batch.


As a brand always innovating and having fun at the same time, we have a line up of new products I will be telling you about in the next follow up blogs. Do not forget to follow us on the ‘gram. Link in bio : )


Thanks again,





N. at Chick Cosmetics.


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