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Guest Blog: Review: #Mineral Liquid Foundation @missrosanegra

June 04
Guest Blog: Review: #Mineral Liquid Foundation @missrosanegra

Foundation... The one thing that we all need at one point in our lives. I bought my very first foundation at the age of 13. I had no idea what to look for in a foundation, what should it do for me, no idea whatsoever but I was quite sure of my choice even though it was not my correct shade and it hardly covered up anything. We live and we learn🙈. I have been through my fair share of foundations and none of those prepared me for what I was about to experience...

Chick Cosmetics Mineral Foundation

I was lucky enough to get a first look at the Chick Cosmetics Mineral Liquid foundation, this was my first time using a mineral based makeup. I have heard about the many benefits of mineral makeup but I have never used it in the past (stubborn tendencies) so I was very excited and anxious at the same time. Some of the benefits that mineral based makeup include:

*The ingredients in mineral based makeup are so gentle that it can be used for the most sensitive skin types. People with acne or even injured skin can use these products without an effect on their skin


*Ingredients are bacteria free and it won't expire


*All or mostly natural ingredients, no chemicals, synthetics, preservatives, parabens, waxes and gluten (I had no idea gluten is included in some makeup products which shocked me.)


*Mineral based makeup does not clog pores (you can thank me later ;P)


*Fewer ingredients which means less of a chance for your skin to get aggravated 


*Protects the skin against the elements

Chick Cosmetics Mineral Foundation


I wanted to put this foundation to the test and see if all the above was true because even though I knew all these benefits of mineral makeup, it seemed too good to be true. Totally off topic here but I loved watching the show Mythbusters (I still watch it from time to time) so I really enjoy trying out products to see if it really does what it says it does and most importantly, is it worth spending your money on.

I received all 4 shades of the foundation and this was a huge relief because I knew that if there wasn't a shade for me, I could mix the foundations up to create the perfect shade. The foundation shades are broken down into light, medium, dark & deep.

Once I opened the foundations, I was excited to find a pump bottle. I have this recent obsession with pump bottles, it's a convenience. To me it means no wasting foundation and no mess. (OCD much?) The bottle contains 20ml of product and its SPF15 which is a huge bonus!

I did swatches of the foundation and before I say anything else, the foundation smelled SO GOOD! Did I mention that I have an obsession with good smelling things too?🙈

Looking at the shades, Truffle, which is the dark shade, seemed to be my color. I put it to use the next day but I soon realized that Truffle was not my shade and I then switched to Cinnamon which was the medium shade (my gut told me to go with this one in the first place!😂) When picking out your shade from Chick Cosmetics, instead of judging by eye, pick your shade based on your skin tone. Trust me, the foundation will blend in and it will blend in beautifully with your skin.


It was super easy to apply and it blended in well with my skin. I didn't need a lot of product to cover my face, I would say it has the strength of a medium/full coverage foundation but is lightweight on the skin as well. The next day, I took it a step further and used the lightest shade to conceal and the darkest shade to contour. I was expecting to feel the heaviness of the foundation later during the day but guess what? I didn't feel a thing, this foundation is super light. This is one of the many qualities I love about it. My skin felt moisturized throughout the day and I felt no cakey-ness. I have no idea if it's just me but a few hours of wear, my pores tend to stick out from under the foundation I wear, this didn't happen with the Chick Cosmetics foundation.(Mineral Makeup- 1 & Me- 0) My face glowed and looked healthy, I knew I had found my new go to foundation, which to be honest is hard to find.

Chick Cosmetics Review

I used the foundation for 4 days and usually when I change foundations, my face breaks out and this time, no breakouts. (Mineral Makeup- 2 & Me- 0)  On the 5th day, I switched back to my usual foundation and all I could think about was the Chick Cosmetics foundation and how good it looked but most importantly, how good it FELT on my skin. If there's one thing I know, it's when something feels good, confidence follows...


Miss Rosa Negra 

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