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10 Fundamental Beauty Benefits of Matcha

June 12
Chick Cosmetics Matcha Body & Face Scrub


Green tea or Matcha is an ancient ingredient which is well known for its health benefits. Matcha has a long history in the oriental civilization. It’s a reliable source of antioxidants, amino acids, B vitamins, enzymes, folate, magnesium, potassium, and phytochemicals. Now, you can find tons of matcha-based food products available in the market.


However, it doesn’t stop there, matcha becomes a popular ingredient which provides beauty benefits. The main benefit of matcha is to improve skin health and appearance. Some cosmetic vendors have developed their own dedicated matcha beauty products.

CHICK.body Matcha face & body scrub is now available, bringing all the beauty benefits right into your hand.

Let’s check out how matcha can improve your beauty.


These are 10 fundamental benefits of Matcha for your beauty:

1. Healthy Skin

Matcha is powerful to improve your skin health and complexion. It works by detoxifying your skin, managing inflammation. It also makes your skin elastic and heals the scars and blemishes. Matcha is proven to have a rejuvenating feature which helps to treat skin disease. Generic green tea leaf may do a great job, however, not all matcha beauty products are suitable for certain people especially those who have sensitive skin. CHICK.body Matcha Scrub is specifically designed for regular use. 

2. Eye Bag Killer

Matcha contains an astringent agent called tannins along with antioxidant which can treat your eye bag and dark circles. It works by shrinking the blood vessels below the circular area of your eyes which reduces the swelling in that area. In other hands, vitamin K may do a great job in lightening the annoying dark circles. A regular use is advisable if you want an optimum result of the matcha topical application.

3. Aging Defender

Another benefit of antioxidant contained in matcha is fighting the aging signs. It’s able to overcome wrinkles and dark spots as well as to tighten the skin. It also possesses a remedial feature which very helpful to recover the damage to the skin due to free radical and sunlight exposure, thanks to polyphenols. Furthermore, it can defend your skin from cancer for long-term use. Applying matcha as masker is the common way you can gain these benefits.

4. Acne Treatment

Matcha also contains antibacterial agents called catechins which are powerful to treat bacteria-generated acne problems. It works by inhibiting acne bacteria to infect epidermic layers. Another cause of acne problem is hormonal imbalances happened in your body, the Catechins regulate it so you can say goodbye to acne.

As an anti-inflammatory agent, matcha can overcome the pimples and redness generated by acne problems. You can treat it as topical use on the affected area.

5. Toner

If you’re looking for natural toner, then Matcha is the best source. The astringent property of matcha helps you to remove in-depth dirt, tighten enlarged pore and glow your skin after regular use. Furthermore, unlike the artificial-based toner, matcha can keep your skin hydrated and improve the look of your skin. A matcha toner is pretty rare on the market, you can simply brew matcha powder and add essential oil, and use it as the casual toner.


6. Promote Hair Growth

It’s a top-to-toe solution for your body including your hair. It can contribute to blocking the DHT hormones which are the main cause of Androgenetic Alopecia or well-known as pattern baldness. Once these hormones are blocked, then the hair loss should stop and be settled for the next treatment. It’s still arguably, but matcha can potentially promote the hair growth in the balding area. You can use matcha as a hair mask, it’s okay to mask your entire head scalp and collaboratively drink the beverage products for several days.

7.Sun Protection

As previously mentioned, matcha can help protect your skin due UV exposure which is harmful to your skin. Using matcha as a remedial solution will help you to treat and recover the burned skin. While leave it untreated may causing further damages, applying matcha will inhibit the active inflammation to be a skin cancer. It also sooth and relieve the redness and burnt feeling. Drink the beverage products also collaboratively improve the recovery process. Apply our CHICK.body Matcha Scrub after outdoor activities and experience the soothing and healing experience.


8.Glow Your Hair

It’s not for only glowing your skin but also your hair. Applying Matcha as hair masker can make your hair shiny and glowing. While hair products are too confusing and expensive, Matcha does most their jobs. You can use it as pre-shampooing masker on a regular basis. You should gain the result after several weeks of treatment.


9.Tighten Pores

Enlarged pores are annoying for most people as they’re the entrance door where the dirt and bacteria clog and infect your skin layers. Today, you can find facial foam, toner, or cream which contain matcha. It’s reasonable as the astringent and antioxidant contents of matcha are eligible to tighten enlarged pores. You can use matcha as masker after brew it and mix it with cosmetic clay. Otherwise, you can simply apply CHICK.body Matcha (Face and Body) to gain a better result.


10.Skin Exfoliating

Dried Matcha can exfoliate your skin to remove dirt and dead skin cells due to the rough texture. The common way you can gain this benefit is by treating it as massage solution while bathing. However, CHICK body Matcha Scrub can do the job better as it's specifically designed to exfoliate your skin, it’s also more practical and more comfortable to use.


That's the fundamental beauty benefits of matcha. Matcha beauty products are great for women. No matter who you are, party goers, office ladies, sportswoman, home mom or anyone, matcha has every reason to enhance your beauty like. But don’t get it wrong, men aren’t the exception of the users of these products.





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